Stainless Steel Round bars


Aakruti Enterprises is one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Stainless Steel Round bars using high quality raw materials.

We offer SS Rods & Wire that are excellent resistance to corrosion. These SS Rods are widely used in various applications industry like building and construction segment, automotive industry and house hold appliances etc.

Aakruti Enterprises is one of the prominent trader, supplier and manufacturer of SS Round Bars, which is known for its excellent galling resistance, even at elevated temperatures, where chips will be tough and stringy, therefore chip curlers and breakers are important. These Stainless Steel Square Bars maintains decent strength up to temperatures of 1800 Degree F and has oxidation resistance similar to that of other steels. The general corrosion resistance of our Stainless Steel Flat Bars is between that of stainless steel and other alloys. Good transverse toughness properties of these Stainless Steel Threaded Bars are achieved by tight chemical composition control, low carbon content, and vacuum melting. We also offer the same in different grades such as Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Round Bars, and more. The mechanical properties for the different tempers of these Stainless Steel Hollow Bars are obtained by cold working and not by heat treating. Annealed material of our Stainless Steel Hexagonal Bars has a tensile strength and is used for deep and shallow formed parts. These Stainless Steel Triangular Bars has good resistance to oxidation at temperatures up to 1550 Degree F, but is not recommend for use above 1600 Degree F.

Aakruti Enterprises is one of the well-established trader and dealer of SS 303 Round Bars, which is available in shaped squares, flats and diamonds sized per customer requirements. Very low carbon content of our Stainless Steel 303 Square Bars and improving the ratio increases the stability and structure of the largest anti – allergy activity and resistance to inter – granular corrosion. Low temperature of these Stainless Steel 303 Flat Bars is done annealing around 950 Degree C guaranteed fine grain structure. Our Stainless Steel 303 Threaded Bars has long been used in the heat treating industry for many of the same applications as RA330. These Stainless Steel 303 Hollow Bars has useful resistance to dry Cl2 and HCl gases at moderately elevated temperatures. Our Stainless Steel 303 Hexagonal Bars is not suggested for use at red heat when sulphur is present due to elevated nickel quantities. Found in applications that demand high temperature resistance, other major design features of these Stainless Steel 303 Triangular Bars include similar resistance and corrosion protection as Alloy 304. Welding of our Stainless Steel 303 Bars is difficult, and best performed on material in the solution annealed condition. These Stainless Steel 303 Rods is an age hardening nickel base super – alloy with useful strength at temperatures up to 1400 Degree F – 1600 Degree F, and good oxidation resistance in gas turbine engine atmospheres up to 1600 Degree F.

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